Why the USWNT Recent Form is Great for College Players

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If you’ve been following the USA Women’s National Team, then you’re fully aware of their, in better terms, shaky form. Now, one of the main reasons that the team isn’t winning every game like they were two years ago, in my opinion, is the rest of the world is catching up with America in terms of women’s soccer. Of course the early exit from the Olympics last year still weighs over their shoulders, but along with their performance in the She Believes Cup followed by the Inaugural Tournament of Nations- someone has to start asking questions. Mostly just one question with two parts- What is happening and how do we fix it? Unfortunately, seeing that I don’t have that much experience coaching a national team, I don’t really have all the answers. But, the good news? I know the answer is going to be quite convenient for colleges and the future of college soccer.

Again, seeing that I’ve never coached an international team or a professional team, I can’t say that I’m going to hit the nail right on the head here. But, if you’ve followed the USWNT and Women’s Soccer as long as I have, you start to pick up on things. One of those being the rest of the world is finally starting to catch up with their women’s national teams. The days of the USWNT automatically winning every game they play are over- but it’s not as bad as it seems. My plan of fixing this whole fiasco is actually going to do wonders for the youth soccer across America, which will in turn lead to some amazing college soccer, and who doesn’t love catching an astounding college game?

First things first, it’s no question that the United States doesn’t have that great of a youth program. Sure, they have U-15, U-14, U-13 youth national teams, but are they really helping anything? The rest of the world has caught up with us, so it’s time to do something more than youth teams. Which brings me to my main proposal: A stronger, solid, youth program for boys and girls. The U.S. could easily institute a program that’s going to do more for the senior national team. The youth teams have proven to work in the past, but again, it’s not the past anymore. It’s a new era of women’s soccer across the globe. And while I love our ladies in red, white, and blue, I’m afraid that the recent losses are just the beginning of a long and disappointing few years. But, I can’t completely write them off- I don’t think anyone can after the comeback in the Brazil game.

If US Soccer goes along with my proposal can you even imagine the possibilities of what college soccer could become? College soccer is obviously great now, and I think it’s amazing to watch these young adults find their style of play, and watch them grow into professionals. But, at the same time, there is always room for improvement. Can you imagine the entertainment college soccer would bring if there was a better youth program? It would be like college soccer on steroids. The players would be faster, stronger, smarter, and just overall more entertaining to watch. Again, it’s already fantastic to watch, but I’m always looking for something over the horizon.

With college soccer returning, it’s going to be great to get a feel for this years players and teams. It’s going to prove to be an exciting year, but again, think of the possibilities that could arise if the U.S invested in a solid youth program. From younger kids, to college players, all the way to the senior national team we could see improvement. A better youth program is going to improve college soccer, along with the problems the national team seems to be having at the moment- but again, I’m just a soccer writer so what do I know?


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