Wilson Vivido – The Official Game Ball of the NCAA

The Wilson NCAA Vivido Game Ball, is a ball that is specifically designed for the demanding needs of NCAA soccer players and teams.

When it comes to soccer balls, quality and consistency are key factors that can make a big difference in performance. The Wilson NCAA Vivido Game Ball excels in both areas. It is made with a combination of synthetic leather and PU (polyurethane) materials, which offer a soft touch and good durability. Additionally, the ball features a high-quality air retention bladder that helps the ball retain its shape and pressure over time, ensuring consistent performance during play.

Wilson has supplied soccer balls for the NCAA since 2008. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, the Wilson Sporting Goods Company is a prominent American sports equipment manufacturer. The company has been a subsidiary of the Finnish multinational company Amer Sports since 1989 and is now under the ownership of Chinese company Anta Sports since 2019. Wilson has established itself as a leading manufacturer of equipment for a wide variety of NCAA sports, including baseball, basketball, softball, tennis and volleyball. The Wilson NCAA Forte Fybrid II Game Ball preceded the Vivido.

“One of the most important and beneficial aspects of our partnership with the NCAA is working hand in hand with collegiate coaches and others in athletics to continually develop best-in-class soccer ball technology,” said Kevin Murphy, Wilson General Manager for Team Sports “It’s truly rewarding to create products that further enhance the tremendous skills of student-athletes and make the game more enjoyable to play.”

In terms of technical highlights, the Wilson NCAA Vivido Game Ball boasts the following:

  • Superior Spin Detection: VST (Visual Spin Technology) uses color variance to allow easier spin detection and ball tracking
  • Touch & Control: Advanced Micro-Textured surface combined with a performance hybrid cover material better controls ball flight with aerodynamic stability and improved control
  • Striking Zones: Wilson’s Unique 20-panel design optimizes geometric striking zones for controlled, precise strikes
  • Extended Durability: Fused Technology minimizes moisture intake to prolong the life and performance of the ball
  • Power & Performance: Advanced construction and a high performance foam lining generate higher energy return upon impact

These specifications are carefully calibrated to provide an optimal balance of control, touch, and power during play. The ball is also available in various sizes, so it can be used for different levels of play, from grassroots to professional.

The Wilson NCAA Vivido Game Ball is a top-quality soccer ball that is designed to meet the needs of NCAA soccer players and teams. It offers a combination of quality, consistency, and performance that make it a great choice for competitive play. Whether you’re a coach, player, or fan, you can be confident that this ball will provide a great playing experience.

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