College Players Shine for The Stars and Stripes


The USWNT recently played two friendlies against Chile in their last brush up before their World Cup Qualifying in October, and some familiar college players took the stage for the Stars and Stripes. Tierna Davidson started both games for the Yankees, and newcomer Hailie Mace earned her second cap for the United States during the first of two games.

Davidson had been phenomenal for both of the two friendlies, however she scored her first goal for her country in the first game against Chile. She scored in the 8th minutes with a header off of a corner kick to put the United States in action, of what would be a 3-0 win against their opponents. Mace later came into the first game, getting some good touches on the ball and having a great work rate off of it as well. These players were the only college students called up for the Stars and Stripes, but they played well enough that I wouldn’t be surprised to see more call up’s in the future.

Davidson also started in the second game- now becoming a regular for the United States backline- and looked strong throughout their performance of a 4-0 win. Davidson also recorded an assist for the night, with a great pass to Tobin Heath who promptly buried the chance. In the two games against Chile, the United States conceded 0 goals and only allowed the Chileans to fire off a handful of shots, with the help of Davidson in the backline.

With the United States Qualifying starting next month, they’ll definitely call on Davidson to help strengthen their back line, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if head coach Jill Ellis calls on some college forwards and midfielders to help give the United States an extra boost of speed, along with the talent that these younger stars can bring.

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