Stanford Cardinals Spread Their Wings

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The amount of times I have knocked on wood, crossed my fingers, and looked for four leaf clovers should be more than enough to cover me when I write this article about Stanford. However, if every lucky thing I’ve done in the past week betrays me and Stanford loses their next game, I take full blame for it and I will swear off all future writings about their soccer program. But honestly, how they’re playing right now proves how worthy they are of an article surrounding their recent style of play.

15 game win streak. 14 shutouts in 18 games. 17-1 overall in all games. 27 goals in 8 games in October. Seriously, was this Stanford team secretly replaced with robot soccer players over night? It’s hard to believe, but the players out there who have outscored opponents 69-6 are real college students, and they’re doing everything right in my book. Not only are they scoring and getting into dangerous positions, they’re also focused on keeping a clean sheet and letting as few goals in as possible. Carusa, Boissiere, Jahansouz, Sullivan, you name it- all the Cardinal players so far have been nothing short of superstars, all playing a crucial part of the machine known as Stanford University.

We’ve already established that Stanford is playing like they’re from another planet, so what’s next for them? They’ve won 17 games, their only loss being at Florida University in a heartbreak match that ended 3-2. Since then they’ve completely bounced back, winning games 8-0, 7-0, 6-0- they’re truly unstoppable. But now what for the Cardinals? Andi Sullivan has been called into camp for the USWNT, so she’ll be expected to be out for the next week or two as the National Team takes on rivals Canada. The Cardinals next game is Friday, as they face off against California at home. Unless I’ve totally jinxed the team once again, I see this explosive team easily winning that game.

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