Badger’s Upset Shock Cavaliers

After jinxing Stanford last week, I’m no longer going to be pumping them up in my articles for a while. They obviously read my articles, get far too nervous to play, and then don’t perform as well! So, as a favor for Stanford and myself, I’m going to let them play the rest of the season and hopefully not jinx them. So, instead, let’s talk about the upset that happened during the Wisconsin and Virginia game. Did anyone really see that coming? It’s weird- I didn’t even write an article about Virginia, so there was no way I could have jinxed them.

While Virginia is ranked #3 and had the home advantage last night, they still fell to a Badger side hungry for a win. I’m not putting down Wisconsin though- they won back to back home games, and then pulled the biggest upset this season so far. I know there’s some people reading this that don’t know how big of a deal this is- but let me put this into context. This was the school’s highest ranked victory in program history. The biggest upset that Wisconsin has ever pulled happened last night- and it was amazing. Scoreless until the 68th minute, a fantastic solo goal from Dani Rhodes gave the Badger’s a goal and the win. The game ended 1-0 in favor of the Badgers, with Clem earning a well deserved clean sheet.  

The game looked even in the first half, with both teams having four shots and committing two fouls. However, in the second half, Virginia came out with more vigor, out-shooting Wisconsin six to three- but never finding the back of the net. Caitlyn Clem, Wisconsin’s senior goalkeeper, held strong and saved three out of Virginia’s ten shots- more importantly keeping a clean sheet. Wisconsin recording seven shots and three shots on goal during the entire game.

Bad news for Virginia and their fans, as they were undefeated after pulling off their own upset against #2 West Virginia in double overtime. I’m sure Virginia is heartbroken after this loss, especially after working so hard to win against West Virginia. However, the shots and shots on goal were mostly equal between the two fighting teams- leaving no room to complain for Virginia. Wisconsin, along with Rhodes, just seemed to want it more- a drive that lead them to a victory over a shocked Virginia.

Now that Wisconsin is undefeated in three games- two home and one away- they play their next game away at The College of William and Mary. Since I completely jinxed Stanford in my last article, I refuse to predict how Wisconsin is going to do, who’s going to win, who’s going to score, etc. I already have the blood of the Cardinals on my hand- I don’t need to add the Badgers. However, I can say that it’s going to be an exciting game to watch, and I expect some big goals form either team.

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