ICS Player of the Week: Michele Drago

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Inside College Soccer joined UMKC forward Michele Drago for a talk about his college career and life in the USA. Making 15 appearances as a true freshman – Michele has a lot to offer an already strong UMKC team – Watch this space!

Hi Michele, Thanks for joining us. 

What are your plans for Spring Break this year?
For spring break I’m going to Las Vegas!
Growing up in Italy, who was your Soccer Idol? Image result for francesco totti
Even though I’m Lazio fan I would really have to say Francessco Totti.
UMKC has some fantastic facilities, do you like the opportunity to practice indoors or would you always prefer to be out on the field?
Field every time! Yes, In UMKC we have beautiful facilities and I’m happy to play in Kansas City because I feel really good with all the staff and my teammates.
Will you be looking to play in the PDL or NPSL this summer – you must have received some interest…
I will go back for summer even if I receive different offers from PDL and NPSL because I really miss my family and I want to enjoy the time with them. I will play different summer tournament in my country.
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Do you see continuing with soccer at a professional level after you graduate?
After my college career I would like to continue to play soccer but I am also looking for a job. I am studying international management and I like to travel, so if I will have the opportunity I will travel the world doing what I like.
Kansas City is regarded as one of the top soccer cities in the USA – they’re a force on all fronts including MLS, Women’s Professional Soccer and Indoor Soccer – how does the soccer culture compare to home?
I think the soccer in US is growing and the biggest different that I found playing in US is the way to train, in Italy the training are based on technique and tactique, here are more based on run and gym.
Can UMKC Roos compete for a national title during your collegiate career? Image result for michele drago umkc
We are a good team and we have different really good players, we are looking forward to playing next season in order to reach our goal, the WAC final and go from there.
Would you recommend the college soccer experience to young players in Italy?
Definitely, In US I have the opportunity to play soccer, study and work in university. I recommend the college soccer experience to Young players in Italy because in US you can learn English, know others cultures and, in addition, have the opportunity to have a degree playing in NCAA1.
Which cleats have you most enjoyed wearing in your college games so far?
I am always wearing Adidas cleats because they sponsor our program but, I used to wear Adidas shoes in Italy also.
Finally, can you see anybody catching Juventus this year in Serie A? Do you think they have a chance of a Champions League Victory too?
No, I do not see anybody catching Juventus this year in Serie A because they are, actually, the best team in Italy and, for me, they have a chance to do something in the Champions League even if the game with Barcelona is really difficult for them.
Thanks Michele, Enjoy Las Vegas!
Thanks you! Fans can follow me on instagram: @mdrago88
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