ICS Player of the Week: Andrew McEwen AKA “McEw”


Andrew McEwen is a Forward at Capital University in Columbus Ohio. Andrew just completed his Freshman season playing in the Division III’s OAC Conference. We caught up with him for an insight into his College Soccer experience:

ICS: This was your first season in College Soccer, how was the transition into the college ranks?
It’s a completely different environment compared to Club and High School. In the past, I was able to get by without fully committing myself in practice, only the games.  What I came to realize is you must always be your best, whether it’s during warmups, practice, and games. College Soccer does not allow inconsistency.
ICS: What made you decide on committing to Capital University? 
There was a time during my Senior year where I got accepted into my dream school, Emerson, for Film. I knew for a fact I wanted to go there, but my parents said to be patient. I took a step back and reassessed my options. During this time, Capital’s coach, Alan Yost, reached out to me and allowed me to see this decision with another perspective. I checked out Capital and it had certain attributes that fitted my desires. First, they offered Computer Science which was my second-choice Major. Secondly, Capital is located 10 minutes from OSU and Columbus, so I would have potential job opportunities. Third, it was only an hour and a half away from home. Lastly, and most important, they had a Soccer team that I knew could achieve a conference Championship during my time there. In the end, I decided Capital and I can say it has been the ideal fit for me.
mcew3ICS: Capital crashed out in the Second round of the OAC tournament – what’s the plan for next year and do you see yourself getting more chances to start?
Capital’s Soccer team was young, with 13 new players including myself. Throughout the entire season, we were extremely successful, breaking school records and even reaching rank 18th in the Country. But due to our inexperience, we began to fall toward the end of the season.  As for me, I was still struggling to adapt and would have a decent amount of off days. However, looking into the future, I strongly believe that myself and Capital have learned from our mistakes, and the team has the ambitions to achieve a conference title and we’ll go from there. If I can continue to diminish my inconsistency, I will guarantee myself a starting spot next year.
ICS: Your first college goal was the winner vs Otterbein University in a 1-0 game. How did that moment feel?
It made me hungry for more.
ICS: You’ve built a massive following online (@McEw_Football has over 107,000 followers and 10,000 YouTube subscribers) how did you get started in social media? 
I would say I’m a very creative individual. I incorporated my creativity with my passion, Soccer, and from there I produced content that would shape the Soccer Social Media.
ICS: Soccer cleats are obviously a big passion – can you remember your first pair?
The All Yellow Nike Mercurial Vapor V
ICS: Mercurial Vapors seem like a favorite, how are they suited to the college game?
I’m a very direct and paced player. Mercurials offer the best fit for my style. Furthermore, I practice in Superflys with the dynamic fit collar and I play in Vapors without the collar- it’s a less restricting feeling.
ICS: You’ve got Christmas break just ahead, how will you keep your fitness up over the winter?
I have been working out and dieting for 35 days now, and I don’t intend on stopping. My routine is as follows: Biceps & Triceps one day, Back & Shoulders the next day, Chest the day after, and then a day dedicated to improving my soccer skills. It’s a constant cycle and the results pay off.
ICS: We wish you every success for next season but do you have any spring games to look forward to?
I’m not completely sure what’s to come, but I’m pretty sure we will have scrimmages here and there. My main focus is improving myself.
ICS: You have 3 more seasons ahead but do you plan to continue playing after college? We hope to see McEw still going strong…
I think it would be awesome to play after college. Older professional players have told me around 28 years old would be my peak time to play; I would have the physical strength and experience. If I weren’t playing soccer I still wouldn’t let go of my passion. The reason I am majoring in Computer Science now is I’d like to develop something that will impact the Soccer/Football community worldwide.
ICS: Looking back at your first season do you have a message for your team mates or fans ?
I’d like to say you should only be doing two things in life- growing or striving. Striving for a goal requires your all, and at times you will fall. What’s important is when you fall, you learn and you grow stronger, ready for the next obstacle.
Watch McEw test out his new customized Nike Mecurial Vapors:

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