Inside Pre-Season with Coach Javi

Ever wondered what being a D1 soccer player is like during pre-season? The sprints, the ice baths, the hydration & nutrition, the tactics – everything is vital at this time of year. YouTuber and Gardner Webb Assistant Coach Javi Bautista takes us inside the pre-season preparations for a D1 College Soccer Program.

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The Best Cleats for College Soccer 2017

Pre-Season is just around the corner and soon the Men and Women of College Soccer will be returning to campus for the challenging season ahead. Whether you’re a student-athlete, a seasoned pro or just enjoy some pick up on the weekends, what you wear on your feet is crucial to your on field performance. Inside College Soccer takes a look at the hottest options this season as we count down our top 6 picks:

6. Nike Tiempo Legend VI FG

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What Are Those?!!

We love the NAIA but can’t help wondering what’s going on with their footwear selection in this video for their upcoming Soccer Showcase. Do you know what these cleats are? It’s a mystery to us and we’re not even convinced they belong on the soccer field. Take a look at the video below and let us know what you think.

By the way if you’re after some real soccer cleats, see what’s on offer from our friends at

2016_09_08_17_43_50 – the Best Gear for College Soccer Players.


If you’re playing at an elite D1 Soccer Program, chances are your athletic department will have a sweet deal with a major sportswear brand such as Nike, Addidas or UnderArmor. You’ll be able to enjoy free cleats, free shin guards, all the latest training equipment and more courtesy of your program and their sponsor. We’re really pleased for you, congratulations – It’s just one of the perks of being an elite student-athlete.

For everyone else though, you might not be so lucky… When it comes to a new pair of cleats, you’probably out on your own. Inside College Soccer endorses for their awesome selection, customer service and great prices. If you’re interested in picking up the latest release or shopping for a bargain they have you covered – click here to find out what makes SoccerPro the number one destination for College Soccer Players and everyone that loves the beautiful game.

ICS Player of the Week: Hannah Wilkinson


Hannah Wilkinson has just concluded her College Soccer career as a striker for the Tennessee Vols competing in the NCAA D1 Southeastern Conference. ICS gets Wilkinson’s thoughts on her college career, international accomplishments and plans for the future: Continue reading “ICS Player of the Week: Hannah Wilkinson”

ICS Player of the Week: Andrew McEwen AKA “McEw”


Andrew McEwen is a Forward at Capital University in Columbus Ohio. Andrew just completed his Freshman season playing in the Division III’s OAC Conference. We caught up with him for an insight into his College Soccer experience: Continue reading “ICS Player of the Week: Andrew McEwen AKA “McEw””