Top 10 D1 Soccer Uniforms 2016

The season’s kicked off and Nike and Adidas have been joined by joined by Under Armour and Puma in supplying the nations top Athletics Programs.

Here’s a rundown of our favourites at Inside College Soccer.

10. Elon – Clean & Classy from Under Armour in traditional Elon colors.


9. Tulsa – All white by Adidas – bonus points for the slide tackle mannequin!
buffalo nike
8. Buffalo – Buffalo blue in a jersey that would be an instant classic in any league around the world.
7. Wake Forest – Damon Deacons in their all white with the Nike swoosh upper right
6. FIU – Showing their class with the gold accent.
5. Stanford – Powerful and domineering black and red hoops – unstopable
4. Clemson – Tiger pride with a fresh fade to orange.
3. Wisconsin – Another instant classic by Under Armour, the most stylish white uniform we have seen this year.
2. SMU – Simple but stunning for the Mustangs. A proud All American design by Nike.


1. Santa Clara – Our MVP, this uniform is simply our number one pick.

Disagree? Seen better? Let us know.

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