What NOT to do after college soccer…

A former college soccer player named Koryn Kraemer, aged 25, has been accused of brutally attacking a 78-year-old man on a train platform in Oregon. According to prosecutors, Kraemer told authorities that he believed the victim was a killer robot.

The victim was standing on the Cleveland Avenue TriMetMAX platform at around 2 a.m. on Tuesday when Kraemer, who was allegedly intoxicated and high on fentanyl and marijuana, approached the elderly man and began biting his face. Police arrived at the scene and pulled Kraemer off the victim, but by then he had already chewed off the man’s ear and bitten off part of his face, exposing his skull.

Kraemer initially gave the police a fake name, “El Baker,” but his true identity was eventually determined through fingerprint comparison. Kraemer has been charged with second-degree assault and pleaded not guilty in court on Wednesday. Prosecutors have requested that he be held without bail until trial.

It has been reported that Kraemer was evicted from his rental home in November after allegedly causing damage to the property. The owner of the house stated that Kraemer, who recently moved to Oregon from Georgia, was generally pleasant when not under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but his behavior changed and he started talking to himself.

From: goyeo.com/sports/mens-soccer/roster/koryn-kraemer/

As a Sophomore: Started all 20 matches, finishing with an NCAC-best 87 saves while ending second in the conference with a .770 save percentage … His 6.1 shutouts were also second in the NCAC and he was seventh in the league with 1.29 goals against average … Made a season-high 14 saves in a 3-2 double overtime loss to Kenyon (10/11/16).

As a Freshman: Played and started in 17 matches as a first-year … Finished with 79 saves on his way to three clean sheets … Finished with a .823 save percentage

Interview with Koryn from 2015: oberlinreview.org/in-the-locker-room-with-koryn-kraemer

We hope that Koryn’s victim makes a full recovery and that Koryn can get the help he needs to turn his life around.

More information, and resources on drugs and addiction: nida.nih.gov/understanding-drug-use-addiction

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