CSU Bakersfield Spring Soccer Games

March 25, 2018
Kyra Anzaldo, Inside College Soccer

With Sebastian Vecchio @CoachSvecchio (previously coached at TCU) as the new head coach for the CSU Bakersfield women’s soccer program @CSUB_WSoccer , the spring soccer games were scheduled against CSU Stanislaus, Fresno Pacific, and Taft College. CSU Stanislaus @GoStanState is a division two public college located in Turlock, California. CSU Bakersfield and CSU Stanislaus tied after seventy minutes of regulation.

Fresno Pacific @FPUSoccer is a division two private Christian college located in Fresno, California. CSUB played strong physically and had the most possession in the first half. In the first 10 minutes of the first half Aryana Harvey scored the first goal off the crossbar. Harvey is a sophomore transfer from North Carolina, who has been an exceptional addition to the program. She hopes to pursue working for the NBA after college. Holding Fresno to a 1-0 lead with nine shots on goal in the first half (35 minutes) and Fresno with one. In the first fifteen minutes Aminah Settles scored the amazing second goal, which was assisted by Elle Estes who’s a sophomore defender from Rescue, California. Aminah Settles is a junior and is tied or owns CSUB’s single-season records in points, and also received the Freshman of the year award in the WAC division. Settles is a standout elite striker to watch out for in the future! Even with CSUB winning 2-0, Fresno played well and didn’t give up as a team. Playing a division one program was also good exposure for them.

CSU Bakersfield Women’s Soccer Program


Taft is a public community college located in Taft, California. CSUB played well and controlled the possessSELRES_2c309f03-780b-44b5-b9e1-f9c222980e6aSELRES_d69e68a2-c652-4f24-b1c1-36a4cbc5b93eSELRES_dcee3fc8-4b2b-44e7-9d7e-ab66b7d9905bSELRES_3cd7bf29-41de-481a-9b84-a37daaa09418ion, to where Taft Women’s Soccer couldn’t even pass the half line. CSUB scored within the first five minutes with the pass in the goal box by Aminah Settles to Aryana Harvey for the goal. The next goal was in the twenty fourth minute in the first half scored by SELRES_57068fbc-e98e-4286-90cd-1e4e57ffef23SELRES_16af15b0-0280-4983-8a6c-f471ea226a39SELRES_cc7d4fec-8084-446e-9346-a99f6a3c3060SELRES_3f862692-0391-43bc-9bef-7baa22eb4afcSELRES_cd6f2653-7d32-4ec2-b63e-296684a78b7eTori VandeHoefSELRES_cd6f2653-7d32-4ec2-b63e-296684a78b7eSELRES_3f862692-0391-43bc-9bef-7baa22eb4afcSELRES_cc7d4fec-8084-446e-9346-a99f6a3c3060SELRES_16af15b0-0280-4983-8a6c-f471ea226a39SELRES_57068fbc-e98e-4286-90cd-1e4e57ffef23. Vandehoef is a junior originally from Washington, who plans to pursue being an athletic trainer after college. CSUB played very well in the second half with lots of opportunities to score. Settles at twelve minutes scored another goal with a hard shot to the left upper corner. Sabrina Delgado at eighteen minutes scored a goal right outside the box. Delgado is a junior and started in sixteen out of seventeen games last season. Taft scored a goal to the bottom right corner at twenty six minutes in the second half. CSUB held most of the possession and goals, Taft did score a goal and were very ambitious to get another one. CSUB ended up winning 4-1, while playing very well both halves. CSU Bakersfield Women’s Soccer Program is looking ready for the season to start, with Settles and Harvey leading with the most goals.

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