Bench Clearing Brawl – NJCAA Soccer

Flashback to the NJCAA 2016 Soccer Season. Pima College had just handed rivals Pheonix College a stinging 3-1 defeat. The upset was too much for some of the Pheonix players who decided to take out their frustrations after the final whistle. These aren’t the kind of scenes we like to see in college soccer but luckily justice prevailed and the National Junior College Athletic Association decided to reverse their decision to suspend the Aztecs Men’s Soccer Team for fighting / unsportsmanlike conduct.

According to a statement by Pima:

“Video of the altercation (that followed the game) shows Pima players restraining and walking away from Phoenix players that wanted nothing more than to incite conflict after letting their frustrations with end of the game get the best of them.  Dangerous precedence for players that “have nothing to lose” and incite the opposing team after losing. Pima Mens’ Soccer Team (as rightful Region I Champions) stand to lose their ability to participate NJCAA District Tourney scheduled for this Friday (4 Nov). Many players devastated by the news specially sophomores that strive to their best and represent their school and many that have worked so hard, overcoming serious injuries (torns ACLs/broken anckles) to return to the pitch.  A true travesty.”

Seen a worse fight in college soccer? Let us know in the comments section below.

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