Poll: 2017 MLS Draft Candidates – Best Highlight Reel? ~ Vote Now

The MLS Draft will bring together the top talent from College Soccer as they hope to embark on successful careers in the pros. We’ve checked out some of these MLS Draft Candidtates’ Highlight Reels and can’t work out our favourite. Who looks most ready for a career in the MLS? You decide! Look over the videos – vote and share. Voting closes January 3rd.

David Goldsmith – Butler

Danny Deakin – North Carolina

Ricardo Perez – Creighton

Myles Englis – Creighton

Riggs Lennon – Creighton

Kwame Awuah – UCONN

Nazeem Bartman – USF

Francis De Vries – St. Francis

George Gomez Sanchez – Temple

Lalas Abubake – Dayton

Niko Hansen – University of New Mexico

Chris Wehan – University of New Mexico

Robby Sagel – Penn State

Colton Storm – UNC

Sam Bascom – Navy

Brian Wright – UMV

Bernard Yeboah – UMV

Lindo Mfeka – USF

Michael DeGraffenreidt – U of L

Simon Megally – DePaul

Julian Gressel – Providence


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