Ready to play college soccer?  Getting recruited to play at the college level takes not only talent, but significant perseverance.  Do you really want it?  How much effort are you willing to exert to succeed in your passion?

Here are 3 crucial tips to getting recruited to play college soccer.

  1. PLAY SOCCER: You can’t get recruited unless you are playing a TON of soccer.  Do you play on your high school team? Club team? ODP? At tournaments? College ID Camps?  Get out and play.  When you join an NCAA or NAIA team, you are going to be playing with a group of players that you might not have trained or played with before.  This group will become your best friends and it’s essential that you build a diversified skillset that involves playing outside your comfort zone.  YES, it’s fun playing with others you’ve played with  all year, but it’s essential you learn to play with strangers as well, whether it be in ODP or at college ID camps or large multi-college exposure events.  To perform well, you need the right gear.  Check it out at SoccerPro.
  2. EXPLORE COLLEGE OPTIONS: Make sure you get a good lay of the land.  You can research college options whether it be scholarship sites like and NCAA or sites like College Match and Playced.  You need to use those tools to figure out what opportunities will be right for you, what schools offer scholarships and where different programs are located.
  3. ATTEND COLLEGE ID CAMPS: You need to get direct access, right in front of college coaches!  Search the College ID Camps Directory to find college soccer exposure opportunities that are right for you. NCAA D1, D2, and D3 college teams will use camps to not only help you get better, but to help them meet you and evaluate you in a personal, intense (yet fun) environment.  The average college soccer player has attended more than 3 college ID camps during their high school & club career.  Make sure you attend enough to get recruited (and hopefully scholarship $).




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