What Is Playing NCAA Division 1 Soccer Like?

I have had the privilege of playing for two distinctive D1 programs over the course of my 5 years playing college soccer. The wealth of information I have gained and the new profound knowledge I have acquired from these universities have been tremendous. Take a look at the new Vlog to see what my experience playing at the top tier of college soccer was like.

Best Leg Exercises for Soccer Players

Over the course of my 20+ year career playing the beautiful game I have had the privilege of being trained and coached by some of the most brilliant soccer minds in the country. From IMG Academy, to the University of Memphis, Monmouth University and Lindsey Wilson College, I have acquired a profound amount of knowledge on my journey to the professional ranks. However, one aspect of the game I believe is the most underutilized in terms of self development is your weightlifting coach.

Along with the exceptional training your coach provides on the pitch, your college or high school weight lifting coach has the ability to boost your agility, speed and strength to levels not achievable on the field solely. This individual holds in his possession one of the many keys you can use to unlock the door to sheer athleticism. I put together a short montage of some of the best leg exercises I have learned from my weight lifting coaches over the years to make you more powerful on the pitch. Go check out Vlog 58 to see the 4 main leg exercises I utilize to surpass my competition!


Life of A Student Athlete

Take a look into the life of a college soccer player as he shows you what being a student athlete is all about! From classes, to practice, workouts, to food, you will see the daily routines of a typical student athlete as he goes about his regular day.

Chasing The American Soccer Dream

The culmination of your college career is ultimately making the MLS draft and signing your first professional contract. When all the blood, sweat, tears, years of doubt and despair is transformed into the realization that you have made it. You have arrived at your destination. You have achieved what others will spend their entire life dreaming about. You can forget about all the what ifs, second guessing yourself, and back up plans, as you’re a professional footballer now, and you have made it to the top.

But happens if you don’t? What happens if you don’t get drafted? What happens if you don’t get signed? What happens to the thousands of young college athletes across the country who will go unnoticed, unrecognized and virtually forgotten about every single year? Do they forget about the dream they once had? Do they accept they aren’t good enough? Complain about what should have been? Do they throw away their skill, talent, and potential all because of a little adversity?

You didn’t sign up for this sport because it was easy. You knew going into it that the road to becoming a professional footballer would require you to sacrifice your life. But you embraced the challenge without hesitation, fully knowing the monumental struggle which lay ahead of you.

You’re not going to quit now. You want to know why? Because you can make it. We all can make it. Erase the doubt. Erase the hesitation. Forget about what should have been, could have been or would have been. You’re not living in the past anymore. You’re not deterred by not getting drafted. You’re not disturbed by not getting signed. No matter the pain. No matter the struggle. No matter how much adversity we may go through in our life, we embrace it, and keep moving forward. We keep GRINDING!

College Athletes Should Be PAID

Student athletes are stuck between two worlds. While the NCAA constantly affirms its commitment to its original roots, it is simultaneously brokering deals to make millions from TV networks. Too many college athletes put their heart and soul into their sport, and too few have the rewards to show for it. Watch the latest Vlog to see my top 5 reasons why college athletes should get paid!

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